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things that talk

State of Fashion asked Things That Talk to prepare a series of stories to feed our thoughts around the theme of ‘origins’. Each story starts with something that we humans wear on our bodies or apply to our skins. The stories will say something about the ways that we connect (or disconnect) with the places and the times that we associate with origins; be it the grounds we grew up on, extracted from, sent away to or strived for. Through the life of things (such as a piece of fabric, a dress, a loin cloth, or a piece of soap) we will explore human expression and emotion, and with every object we invite you to ask yourself: how are ‘origins’ expressed through this thing?

Selection stories

Origins in belief - Sarpusu and bluing & Obiaman’s cloth
Origins and nature - Ozonja for Himba make-up & The Herero Long Dress
Origins in unicity - Japanese Kimono with Embroidery & Wearing Hanfu in China