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Commissioned work 01
Oshadi by Vikas Maurya

This film was created for Intervention 01 & 02 by filmmaker Vikas Maurya and Nishanth Chopra, founder of the Oshadi Collective. With this hopeful film, we want to show that a regenerative supply chain is possible. In a departure from other brands’ model of functioning, Oshadi treats its artisans and farmers involved at every step as equal stakeholders which is strengthening the grassroots economy and henceforth, functioning as a collective. In the words of filmmaker Vikas Maurya:

"With this film, we want to celebrate the intense skills and knowledge that the artisans bring into creating these finished products from raw cotton."

Nishanth Chopra, founder of Oshadi Collective was named as one of India's decolonial leaders in fashion in Aditi Mayers longread for Intervention 02: Origins. He was also part of the panel of Whataboutery 02 'India’s decolonial approaches to labour, and the fashion industry.


Filmmakers: Vikas Maurya and Soumyadip Gosh
Editor: Amit Malik
Music: Tenacious orchestra
Colourist: Gabriel Xavier (Priory Post)
Project Assistants: Sahil Saxena and Aayush Tuladhar